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Guerrilla Screen Printing Classes

Ready to become a Screen Printing BEAST? Learn the ins and outs of Guerrilla Screen Printing on a MacFly Fresh level with a series of hands-on skill development courses, and prepare yourself for any project that gets thrown your way. 

MAC 101

An intensive 4 hour class focusing completely on artwork preparation, perfecting the screen exposure process and the pre-press checklist. We discuss dark room etiquette, emulsion types, coating techniques, troubleshooting tips, and much more.

MAC 201

An intensive 5 hour class that takes you through the entire process from concept to creation. We cover the “Art of Screen-Printing” process, step-by-step from printing your artwork on films/transparencies to press breakdown and finishing. We will discuss various ink types, print techniques, products needed to complete a successful print run and much more.

MAC 301

An advanced 5 hour class that walks you through the set-up of different types of multi-color print jobs. Spot colors, 4 Color Process (CMYK), and Simulated Process are all covered. This is an advanced class and prior knowledge of the basics of screen printing is assumed. If you are still new to screen printing, we suggest taking our Fresh Prints 201 class prior to enrolling in this course.


FreshMakers, after receiving your certificates; you will have privileged access events in addition to the opportunity of working with Master Artisans & Brands in streetwear & contemporary design from all over the region. Our team collaborates with every Master Artisan & Brand to design or curate each product while paying close attention to the intricate details of Craftsmanship. As a Social Enterprise our profits are streamlined into educational programs, business development, & youth entrepreneurship workshops in the communities the  Master Artisans we partner with live in.