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Mesh Count Decision Guide

Select your primary use(s) of your screens for a recommended screen mesh.

Please select a primary usage for your screen

Mesh Recommendation - Mesh 90 Count

  • Specialty printing
  • Glitter
  • High ink usage

Mesh Recommendation - 110 Mesh Count

  • printing detailed designs and small text
  • printing fine lines and intricate patterns
  • printing halftones and gradations
  • printing clear or light inks on dark fabrics
  • printing metallic or shimmering inks
  • printing over seams or zippers
  • printing on irregular or textured surfaces
  • printing on small or oddly shaped items
  • printing on high-density or heavy fabrics
  • printing over other layers of ink or printing multi-color designs

Mesh Recommendation - 180 Mesh Count

  • Printing fine details and small text
  • Printing halftones and gradients
  • Printing images with high resolution
  • Printing on thin or delicate materials
  • Printing with metallic or shimmer inks
  • Printing with high viscosity inks
  • Printing with UV curable inks
  • Printing with water-based inks
  • Printing with discharge inks
  • Printing with puff inks

Mesh Recommendation - Mesh 305 Count

  • Printing fine details
  • Printing small text
  • Printing intricate patterns and designs
  • Printing high-resolution images and graphics
  • Printing small, precise images
  • Printing fine lines and details