MacFly Fresh Apparel Services, Inc. provides a variety of services to companies, large and small, to build their brand. Your customers have no idea we are printing, shipping, etc for you. We can provide anywhere between 0% - 100% white label service for your brand. With our complete fulfillment, all you do is sell yourself, sell your brand, take orders ... basically, run the frontend of your business. We take care of everything on the backend! Check out the services we offer ...

  • Custom Shipping Labels

    We offer custom shipping labels for all of our brand building customers. You can use your address or ours as your return address on your labels. We can even add your vectorized logo if it fits within the design specifications. ALL packages we ship on your behalf are fully insured.

    PocketBook Damage: FREE

    Sample Shipping Label
    custom macfly shipping label

  • Custom Packing Slips

    Each package we ship for you will include a packing slip. The packing slip can be our standard packing slip printed in B&W or color. For the adventurous, you can send a custom layout for your packing slip to be included in your packages to your customers.

    PocketBook Damage:

    • Standard Packing Slip in B&W -- FREE
    • Standard Packing Slip in B&W -- $0.15/ea
    • Custom Packing Slip in B&W -- FREE
    • Custom Packing Slip in B&W -- $0.25/ea

    Sample Packing Slip
    custom macfly packing slip

  • Custom Hang Tags

    We can put your custom hang tags on all your garments fulfilled by our shop. You can supply us with the hang tags, or we can design, print, and apply the hang tags for you. We will work closely with you to determine the best placement for your hang tags.

    PocketBook Damage:

    • You supply the hang tags -- $0.30/ea
    • We supply the hang tags* -- $0.85/ea

    * MacFly designed hang tags are 2" x 2", 14 point Gloss, Full Color Front

    Sample Hang Tag (Not Actual Size)
    custom hang tags available
    Custom hang tags produced by MacFly will be 2" x 2"

  • Polybag Service

    Polybags not only protect your customer's purchase, but they also give your brand a very professional look. We also apply a sticker to the polybag displaying the size of the garment inside. You can provide your own custom polybag or use our standard polybag.

    PocketBook Damage: $0.85/ea

  • Brand Packs

    If you have branded materials to include in the packages shipped to your customers, we will gladly pack them for you. Supply us with your flyers, postcards, business cards, stickers, etc and we will include them in each shipment to your customers.

    PocketBook Damage: $0.30/shipment