MacFly is a social enterprise intent on changing communities.

Our focus is on affecting communities - both local and abroad.  We address three specific issues.  First is economic empowerment.  In 2013, a Harvard University/UC Berkeley ranked Charlotte 50th out of 50 in economic mobility among the largest U.S. cities.  Second, is the issue of diversity in the creative professions.  Minorities are less likely than their peers to choose a creative major and those that do often never enter the profession.  The lack exposure to these career paths is one of the main reasons.

Last, but not least, we seek to be global citizens.  Our current project, Made In Goma, connects makers of artisan products in Goma, DR Congo to our marketplace.  Handmade products direct from many parts of Africa our sold in our store with the proceeds routed directly to the producers at US Market Rates.  In addition to the global trade network, we travel to Goma yearly where we teach screen printing.  Our goal each year is establish sustainable business models by leaving behind the know-how and the equipment needed to continue printing.

Our Team

Eric B. Ndelo

Founder / Creative Director

Congolese-American, Eric B. Ndelo, commonly known as “Ndelo”, was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. He graduated from North Carolina State University with degrees in Digital Media Production and Electrical Engineering. Shortly thereafter he and his Troop of Gorillas launched their apparel enterprise.  MacFly Fresh connects his love for Art, Design and Screen-printing. 

Taj J. Polite

Co-Founder / Business Developement

Taj Polite is an accountant by trade that has made the leap into the art world seeing a chance to lend business acumen to creative professionals. After twenty years of straddling the fence between corporate America and
serial entrepreneur, Taj struck out to lead business development for MacFly
Fresh Printing Co. and DRC ApeParel.

Joseph Fedrick

Lead Designer

Joseph known as "Seph Dot" is an all around creative born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. Seph started working with MacFly Fresh in 2017 and has proven to be a pivotal addition to the team. As Lead Graphic designer, Seph provides fresh and cool new designs for all clients and in-house projects. With a degree in Graphic design earned from the Art Institute, his art background helps push Seph to strive for greatness and innovation in all aspects of creativity; stamping his name on the world. Live from the Bushes, this Gorilla is ready for any challenge.

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